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Integrating Systems and Teams 

Global Management Consulting Firm

Akzeon, Inc., is a global management consulting firm that focuses on implementing a systems/teams approach and helping companies be successful. We believe deeply in our mission to drive growth and success for every one of our clients while making a positive impact whether through their products and services, or within their communities. 


We work together with our clients as if they were our own colleagues and respect their unique competencies. We strive to bring new perspective and operating models, build or enhance their capabilities, and enable their organizations to achieve a sustainable advantage using our proprietary Akzeon Model.

Our Services

As one of the most respected management consulting firms in the world, Akzeon provides your company with the strategies, methods and models it needs to improve its bottom line. This is accomplished through better systems management, innovative work methodologies, and implementation of the Akzeon Model.

Our Services

The Akzeon Model 

Is your company still focused on process/function efficiency but not getting you the results you desire? 

The Akzeon Model moves companies from process/function models to our systems/teams model. We link the business activity system concepts to the fundamental business rules, demonstrate how the Akzeon Model will improve effectiveness, and how synchronization fits in to the construct, and how to deploy it to generate the greatest gain in performance.

  • We found $160 million in immediate cost saving, in 5 days of analysis. 

  • We found $460 million in lost profits due to business system de-synchronization.

  • Imagine what we can find in your company.

Our revolutionary Akzeon System Cost Advantage methodology, delivers cost saving while improving productivity.


Cost Reduction 



Productivity is the primary driver of corporate profitability. Tangible gains in productivity is the only way to deliver long-term profitability in a sustainable manner. Productivity is frequently and erroneously equated with efficiency or utilization in the name of cost reduction. Productivity is maximizing the difference between output and input of resource quantity.



Leadership is undoubtedly the most researched, discussed and maligned subject in business. Our work has led us to understand that an exceptional leader does things differently from what is conventionally assumed to be the norm. Our leadership model empowers leaders to drive extraordinary results by tapping into deep organizational motivators.



Lack of strategy is the most common complaint we hear for poor company performance. With increased unpredictability in the behavior of markets, competitors and consumers, the traditional strategy models don’t work. New strategy models based on agility vs. predictability, fast feedback and realignment is now the new normal.


Project Management

In project-heavy organizations, there is increased demand for projects to be executed in the shortest possible time with the highest quality deliverable and the best use of scarce resources at lowest cost. In contrast, clients demand more leeway to change specifications and deliverables before project completion. Traditional project management approaches do not enable these requirements to be met in a consistent way.

Our work with numerous companies, including very large global organizations with over 6,000 projects in flight, have validated our methodology to drive high-throughput project organizations.


Technology Leadership

In order to maximize business value today one needs to understand and be able to leverage technology leadership capability. Akzeon helps you do this through utilization of 3 very important areas that make tech leadership successful; Firstly, empowering your people to do the work successfully. Secondly, leveraging your existing technology capabilities. Thirdly, finding untapped technology advantages that give you a true competitive business advantage.  


Ready to find out more?

If you would like to submit a Request For Proposal or would like more information, please fill out our contact form below and we will be sure to get in touch shortly. 

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