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Why Choose Akzeon Consulting?


Akzeon consultants have deep relevant experience. Akzeon consultants must have vast knowledge in the core areas of the company: the Akzeon Model using the Akzeon proprietary methods, project management, business strategy, productivity, and leadership. Akzeon consultants must also have experience in these core areas to work on any project. Akzeon vets every consultant for every project.


Akzeon is constantly reviewing new technology and expanding the solutions that it can provide to its' clients. Akzeon believes that new technology can be an asset as long as it is supports the organizations goal, achieves what is necessary and sufficient, and will not negatively impact other areas of a company when implemented. Akzeon also works consistently to develop their own new technology to better serve its clients.


Akzeon ensures professional competence of all its consultants. Many of Akzeon's senior consultants have prior executive experience.
Akzeon requires that its consultants have MBA's together with sufficient experience to effectively support clients.
Akzeon provides continuous training to its consultants, ensuring adherence to the Akzeon standards for effective consulting.


Akzeon has many long term engagements. Why? Akzeon always puts the client first. Consultants and Partners work to build trust, respect, and strong relationships with each client. Akzeon knows that the clients success must come first, because the clients' success is Akzeon's success.


Akzeon delivers significant value contributions to their clients from their services. Check out our cost reduction page to see the numbers, they speak for themselves.

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