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Of all the subjects covered in business literature, none has occupied the minds of academics and business authors more than leadership. Many different theories and models have been postulated to work but still there is no conclusive and definitive model.


Leadership is the most discussed and published subject in all of business literature. Still, leaders fail. Jeff Immelt, the recently retired CEO of General Electric, is now blamed for the extraordinary loss in market capitalization suffered by the company in 2018. One would think that GE’s leadership graduates from Crotonville would continue to grow the company. Contrast that to First Solar, the extraordinary successful global solar energy producer which continues to grow and succeed in an incredibly competitive market.

Our work with hundreds of executive management teams have led us to identify and crystallize the most effective leadership competencies. They are not what you would expect to find in general business literature. Our findings are encapsulated in the international best-selling business novel by Ray Immelman.

We work with leaders to improve their ability to effectively lead their organizations through rarely used leadership traits we found in our research. We’ve seen our graduates rapidly advance their careers well beyond their own expectations. If you are interested in learning, embedding and leveraging more effective leadership, you owe it to yourself to contact us today. 

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