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The single most important asset any organization has is a great strategy.

A powerful strategy generates 30 times greater return than a poor strategy. Strategy is the single most important thing that the CEO and his management team will be judged by, now and into the future. The legacy of good or bad strategy defines the success of any chief executive officer. If you judge the performance of Amazon to that of General Electric, no clearer example can be found to prove our point. However, the formulation of strategy is changing, and it takes a great strategic management consulting service to help improve a business’s strategy.


Traditionally, strategy had been framed in terms of market share, market segment growth, product segmentation, etc. These are all outcomes that not all strategic management consulting firms understand. However, when you hire a business strategy consulting firm that understands the difference between strategy and the outcomes it generates, you get the power of a clearly designed strategy to improve your team’s performance.


With the advent of massive amounts of information through the internet, asset or competency-based strategies are frequently known and copied or negated before they even exist long enough to succeed. Even as these strategies become obsolete, a business strategy consulting company may recommend them. However, the best management consulting company will keep up with trends, tailor the proposed plan to your specific business, and help you find solutions that represent uniquely innovative answers to the questions your business faces.

The new requirement is to determine what constraint the company must own and control. Instead of thinking about competitive advantage, the focus is on competitor disadvantage. The rise of Amazon is proof of this concept. Jeff Bezos became the world’s wealthiest individual by focusing on only one core capability that no competitor can match: extraordinary customer experience. Your company should be asking itself: What constraint should we create and continue to own in the long term?

Akzeon’s organizational management consulting works with Fortune 100 and other winning companies to develop, deploy, and monetize this core asset. Management is frequently too close to the action and has too many embedded thoughts about what drives success to be able to do an incisive, insightful, and valuable analysis. We do that well.

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